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Parliament House, Canberra. Incorporating Condition Reports into Art Services Collection Management System


Parliament House Art Services


Collections Management, painting conservation


The Australian Parliament House Art collection numbers some 5000 works of art, ranging from paintings, to works on paper, to art furniture. It is a highly valuable collection that is displayed throughout Parliament House to showcase Australian art, both in public areas and in parliamentary offices and chambers. Art Services has a directive that all of its works of art should last for 200 years. In order to achieve this, an active management and conservation programme exists for the ongoing care of the collection.

Prior to a scheduled condition review of the 500 items of art furniture in 2004, ICS and Art Services identified the difficulty of reviewing all previous condition reports arising from the number and diverse format of these reports. ICS recommended that the information from these reports be incorporated into the Art Services Collection Management System database (KE EMu). ICS devised methods to carry out this process in the most efficient and productive manner. As well as the condition report information, other data such as copyright information was incorporated. This improved the quality of the art furniture data. All information about each piece of art furniture is now available in a single location, thus making it much quicker and easier to monitor the condition and care for the valuable art furniture collection.

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