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Sustaining our heritage is more than simply conserving its fabric.  Sustaining our heritage also involves communicating to the public why our heritage resources are important. ICS produces cutting-edge interpretation through a range of novel, thought-provoking and engaging strategies using the following media:

  • Displays 
  • Integration into building design
  • Education Programmes
  • Exhibition design
  • Interpretive walks
  • Visitor Centres

ICS delivers interpretive solutions from Interpretation Strategies and Plans, through design and documentation, to fabrication and installation by professional conservators. We provide exciting interpretive installations efficiently and cost-effectively by driving the whole process in-house.

Our services include:

  • writing Interpretation Strategies and Plans    
  • graphic design   
  • documentation  
  • camera-ready artwork
  • management of fabrication
  • management of installation 
  • installation of archaeological artefacts by conservators
  • maintenance schedules
  • evaluation   

Our approach:

Finding the best solution involves interplay between understanding the audience; knowledge of the environment in which the interpretation is presented; utilising the range of themes and stories; and choosing the most appropriate media.
We produce a quality product by consistent use of this formula, continuous evaluation of existing interpretation, and by engaging the client in the process and incorporating their feedback into our design strategies.

We provide customised Interpretation Strategies to suit our client’s goals.  This may include:

  • to highlight local built or environmental heritage statutory requirements for development
  • strategy for local tourism
  • as a branding exercise

The ICS team:

  • Has more than 25 years of experience writing Interpretation Plans and designing interpretive devices
  • Expertise and demonstrated background in:  education, fine arts, graphic design, building construction, design and documentation, materials science, archaeology, and conservation
  • Includes conservators who draw upon their experience to provide best practice in display design and presentation of artefacts