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Hill End Historic Village - Collection Management Strategy


Hill End Historic Village - Collection Management Strategy


National Parks and Wildlife Services


Collection Management


The Hill End collection consists of artefacts from the historic village of Hill End. Established in the 1850s, Hill End developed during the gold mining boom of the 1870s, and at its peak, had a population of 8,000. As the gold mining industry declined, so did the population, leaving a landscape of abandoned mines and buildings. In 1967, Hill End was declared a historic site under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

The NPWS commissioned ICS to write a Collection Management Policy for the Hill End collections, and subsequently to carry out collection management projects including cataloguing and documenting the thousands of artefacts under the care of NPWS.

The aim of the Collection Management policy is to provide a consistent framework that will enable the current collections at Hill End to be managed and cared for appropriately. Its focus is to provide direction for the acquisition, documentation, display, storage and care of the NPWS artefact collections. For this particular site, artefacts are defined as all ?moveable heritage? items. This includes household and domestic ephemera, furniture, tools, and equipment that are significant to a particular site.

Various Glass and Metal
Containers in the Archive Store

Room setup in the Hospital
Collection at the Visitors Centre