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Flemish tapestry


Flemish Tapestry


Private Collection


Textiles Conservation


This section of a wool and silk tapestry was in quite poor condition. It had a silk border and hessian lining, both of which had perished. The decayed fibres from the tapestry, as well as the non-original lining materials, had formed dirt and dust layers on the tapestry. There was built up ingrained dirt as well as holes created by perishing of the silk in the tapestry.


The lining materials and perished border were removed, the tapestry was first surface cleaned to reduce the build up of fibres and dust, and then washed. The newly cleaned tapestry (seen here) was mounted on a loom to allow the repairs to all holes and worn areas. Once the hand stitched repairs were complete, the tapestry was mounted with its new lining onto a strainer ready for display.


Flemish Tapestry DT

During Treatment  

Flemish Tapestry AT

After Treatment