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What we do

Historical archaeological sites contain many varied records of our past.  These range from remnant building fabric to traces of past activities preserved in the soil structure, as well as a plethora of artefacts.

The conservation of the fabric of archaeological sites and remains presents complex challenges for the owners and managers of these sites, particularly when the remains are identified as part of a new development on the site.

International Conservation Services draws upon its extensive expertise with conservation of a wide range of materials to identify strategies and techniques to solve these complex conservation challenges. Our unique hands-on approach enables us to provide advice as consultants, or to actually carry out the conservation works on site. Fitzroy Ironworks 2

We provide specialist services for the conservation and management of archaeological sites and remains including:

  • Interim condition assessments (during or immediately following excavation) 
  • Comprehensive condition reports
  • Identification of conservation strategies
  • Minimisation of construction impacts
  • Documentation of conservation works
  • Monitoring during construction
  • Research
  • Project management for complex conservation projects
  • On-site conservation of archaeological remains
  • Laboratory conservation of archaeological artefacts
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance
  • Cleaning of displayed archaeological artefacts/remains

We are able to work with archaeologists to provide interim conservation solutions during excavation, including covering, temporary backfilling, or stabilisation.

Port Macquarie DigWe have a particular appreciation of the pressures arising during new developments, and work effectively as part of broader project teams to manage both the conservation of remains and the minimisation of impacts from interventions for new structures.

International Conservation Services maintains an extensive international network of contacts with specialist knowledge of many traditional materials and methods of construction, and is able to draw upon this network to access the latest practices and conservation techniques.