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Mona hessing "banner" tapestry


This tapestry is a spectacular installation of over 150 individual woven tapestry lengths. They hang in a colour sequence with textured bullion twists and knotted rope drops in front.


The tapestry had suffered from several years of exposure to dust and particulate matter blown into the open foyer. It was very dirty, affecting the appearance of the brightly coloured drops and progression of colours across the span of the artwork.


The conservation treatment comprised:

  • Complete brush vacuum of each tapestry drop
  • Untangled and realigned loose bullion twists
  • Secured the dropped tapestry lengths by stitching
  • Removed remnants of previous insect infestation
  • Neatened drops hanging out of sequence
  • Evaluated previous preventive measures, protecting against insect activity

The cleaning treatment was extremely successful, recovering much of the artwork's original brightness and exposing the detailed textures created by the artist.


University of New South Wales


Textiles Conservation 

Mona Hessing BT

Before Treatment

Mona Hessing DT 

During Treatment

Mona Hessing AT

After Treatment